Henry IV Part I



Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus

Following E.K. Chambers chronology1 Henry IV Part I is Willim Shakespeare's 15th drama.

Consisting of 784 tiles in the basic colour magenta, with a side length of 10 cm, the work is a square of 280 * 280 cm in the basic file. However, it can also be realised in the dimensions 140 * 140 cm without loss.





Henry IV Part I contains 783 text blocks according to the general set of rules (775 speaker-based and 1 block created by division, as the text contains more than 34 lines). The number of tiles of the work is determined (due to the defined quadratic work) by the root of the text blocks rounded up to an integer. This results in 28 x 28 = 784 tiles. The resulting 1 tile not occupied by text is created with the basic colour of the work 255-0-255 and inserted at the 392nd position.

Text Alignment

The alignment of the tiles according to the rulebook (Rulebook of William Shakespeare's Plays is as followes

  • centre-centre 17%
  • centre-left 11%
  • centre-right 10%
  • top-centre 10%
  • top-centre 11%
  • top-right 10%
  • bottom-centre 9%
  • bottom-left 12%
  • bottom-rechts 10%

Background Colour

The applied background colour for Twelfth Night is 255-0-255 magenta.

Applying the colour matching rule set (((William_Shakespeares_Plays|#Background_colour|William Shakespare's Plays Rulebook Background Colour) )) results in 408 different colour values.

Text and bar colour

Applying the font colour rule set (((William_Shakespeares_Plays|#Font_colour|William Shakespare's Plays Rulebook Font Colour) )) results in 514 different colour values.


siehe William Shakespeare's Plays


siehe William Shakespeare's Plays

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