Angela's Books



  • Definition of personal reference
  • Definition of division of the graphics



Angelas Books Isbn Maschine 14 10 18 Abstract

Edition 1, privately owned (click on image opens site with imagemap)



  • The work contains the abstractions to the 120 pages of the isbn-maschine on 14.10.2018, which were designed from the sets of books belonging to Angela, but which were read by the machinist according to the set of rulebook of the isbn-maschine.
  • The order of the abstractions follows the order of the pages of the isbn-maschine on 14.10.2018
  • The first abstraction is the start page defined by rulebook of the isbn-maschine valid on 16.02.2018
  • Each line contains 10 abstractions
  • The work has 18 lines
  • The work is realised as a photo in a shadow gap frame
    • dimensions: 74 x 78 cm
    • 1 cm white border
    • frame walnut



The work Angela's books translates the share Angela's books had in the isbn-maschine in its state on 14 October into a graphic work.


As a gift to the machinist's wife, a compilation of the pages on the isbn-Maschine should be created with a personal reference.


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